Our Story

The Subject Point was established when Ketian (@leviathanlevico),
the hero in our story, saw a growing number of frequent coffee lovers and photography enthusiasts in the Lion City
As an photo enthusiast himself, Ketian understood the wants and needs
of the average photographer, and soon begun to notice a problem.

There isn't a platform for both coffee and photography enthusiasts in Singapore. The Subject Point is not only a cafe that continues to strive to produce the highest-quality coffee blends for Singapore's booming café and restaurant scene - but also catering to the people that hunger for visual inspirations for their craft.

Homegrown and proud of it, today you can find The Subject Point here in Singapore, where we continue to bring you the very best coffee quality and satisfying your eye candy needs.

Pick your poison, relax and enjoy the visuals.

Our Visual Inspiration

This is about all of us, the creative community, banding together for the sake of beauty and doing what we love. This is about pouring every ounce of blood, sweat and tears into something worth believing in. This is about the power of art for art’s sake and the belief that a photo can change perspectives, moods, and lives. This is about a worldwide movement of millions creating for the love of craft and community.